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Q: What if my children don’t go to college or university?
Q: Website Design and Business Development - Paul Ackermann
Q: What if I don’t make a contribution this year, do I lose the grant?
Q: How long can I contribute to an RESP?
Q: How much does it cost to setup an RESP?
Q: Is there a minimum contribution?
Q: Should I buy term life or permanent life insurance?
Q: What is the difference between whole life and universal life insurance?
Q: What is the advantage of level term life insurance vs. renewable term life insurance?
Q: What riders/options/features are available on life insurance policies?
Q: What is involved in the life insurance application process?
Q: When does my life insurance coverage begin?
Q: How is an applicant classified?
Q: What if I receive a higher rate than I applied for on my life insurance policy?
Q: What is the tax treatment of life insurance death benefit proceeds?
Q: Should I purchase life insurance on my spouse?
Q: Loss of an owner
Q: What is a Buy / Sell Agreement?
Q: How does a buy / sell agreement funded by life insurance work?
Q: Loss of a key person
Q: Attracting employee / executives
Q: Retaining employees / executives
Q: Covering capital gains tax liabilities
Q: Business investment income taxes
Q: Using the business to support retirement income

Mutual funds are offered through Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc. Insurance products and services are offered through Seguin Financial Group Ltd. Seguin Financial Group is a trade name used for both mutual fund & Insurance business activities. Banking products and services are offered through referral.