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10 Ways to Split Your Income

Income splitting involves moving income from the hands of a high income family member into the hands of another member who is taxed at a lower rate.

  1. Contribute to a spousal RRSP.
  2. Contribute to an RESP.
  3. Split up to 50% of your CPP benefits with your spouse.
  4. Invest inheritance received by lower income spouse in his/her name.
  5. Higher income spouse pays household bills, other spouse invests.
  6. Loan money to spouse to invest. Charge market interest rates.
  7. Give cash to lower income spouse to pay investment loan interest.
  8. Put capital gains generating investments in minor children's names.
  9. Invest Child Tax Benefits in the child's name.
  10. Deduct babysitting wages paid to adult children as child care expenses.

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